Theatres >500 seats

Maison des Arts Desjardins

Drummondville, Québec, Canada 2010-2011


956 seats

$18 M

Maison des arts Desjardins

Bilodeau Baril Associés

image : François Pinard

The mandate began with a pre-feasibility and feasibility study including an evaluation of the theatre’s economic value. This major expansion project included: a new slope profile to correct the sightlines of the previous hall and provide an excellent visual acoustical and physical environment. The stage house was enlarged and upgraded to meet standards with the addition of manual and motorized theatrical rigging systems, among the safest in the country, access stairs at all technical levels and an orchestra shell. Public services such as the hall, box office, cloakroom and art gallery have been refitted. The dressing rooms and rehearsal space also underwent major changes.

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