Our team has delivered hundreds of venues all greatly appreciated by our clients, visitors and end-users.

From the beginning of the mandate, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and expectations for the future building or renovation project. We offer theatre design consulting services for all functional areas of cultural, educational or sports buildings. We pay a particular attention to these areas:  design, functionality, accessibility and integration to the overall design are key elements.  The functionality of these spaces greatly impact on time, quality and costs factors of a production.

Main areas

Hall design and seating configuration

Trizart Alliance designs and configures theatre spaces by optimizing all production, visibility and hearing criteria.

Centre Bell
Palau Jordi
Théatre DB Clarke
Théatre Denise-Pelletier

Sightlines and seats

We offer seating sightline analysis services to optimize the audience’s experience and ensure perfect viewing conditions.

Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique
Théâtre Outremont
Théatre Denise-Pelletier

Fly tower walkway network and technical grid

We have mastered the art of designing and coordinating the integration of walkways and technical grids that allow for safe and efficient working conditions of the technical staff of the theatre or show.

Centre Bell intérieur
Centre Bell intérieur
Centre Bell intérieur
Centre Bell intérieur
Centre Bell intérieur
Caraquet passerelle
Caraquet passerelle


If necessary, we can call on world-renowned acousticians.

Lalande Doyle
Stage support areas

Dressing room, green room, loading dock, material handling area, storage room

Unknown to the public, these areas are strategically essential to the function of the performing space.

Public services areas

Lobby, ticket office, bar, WC

As the first and last meeting point between the spectator and the theatre, it is of great significance to design the above-mentioned areas so that they offer the greatest comfort, warmth and amenities.