Multifunctional arenas, stadiums and amphitheatres

Place Bell

Laval, Québec, Canada 2012-2017


10 000, 2 000 and 500 seats

$200 M

L’Aréna des Canadiens Inc.

Pomerleau, Lemay + MMA, Beaudoin
Hurens, Pasquin St-Jean et Associés

image: Solotech

Trizart was mandated to complete the functional and technical program and preliminary drawings of the spatial layout and circulation as well as the specialized equipment for sound, video, seating, masking systems, rigging lighting and projection screens, to evaluate the architectural design proposals and to represent the client during construction.

The complex includes a 10,000-seat multifunctional arena, which is also fitted with two ice rinks: an Olympic-sized rink with 2,500 seats and a community skating rink with a capacity of 500 people. The building houses 46 corporate boxes and is equipped with the best specialized theatrical equipment.

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