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U2 360°

Montréal, Québec, Canada 2010-2011


82,000 spectators

evenko/Live Nation Global Touring

image: evenko/Patrick Beaudry

Trizart Alliance was mandated by evenko/Live Nation Global Touring to design, budget, build and deliver a 82,000-seat stadium, built from the ground up, for U2’s 360 º World Tour. The temporary facility was designed to accommodate the giant stage structure known as “The Claw”.

The two concerts attracted over 162,000 spectators, making them the most
important “paying” show in Canada.

The production required 100 semitrailers for the show equipment and over
1,000 semi-trailers for the construction of the temporary stadium. This project
included design, site planning, seating layout, all the specialized audiovisual and multimedia equipment and monitoring of the construction site during the

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